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Islamic Weekend School

The Islamic Weekend School is dedicated to providing a complete Islamic education to our youth in a caring environment. Students, ages 3 to 18 years, learn about Islam, learn Arabic to better understand the Qur�an, form lasting friendships, learn about other cultures, play sports, participate in community service, and develop pride as American Muslims.

Although the Weekend School has been in existence since the 1970s, the current format was adopted in 1993. The new facilities at the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) in West Chester provide a sufficient number of fully equipped classrooms, computer rooms, storage, and sports facilities. The space allows the program to flourish, so much that 10 new classrooms were added in 1999. Annual enrollment in the 13-level program (preschool to senior level) now exceeds 300 students.


Registration: Third Sunday of August. (Check website for changes)
Language Classes: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Religious/Qur�anic Classes: 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Break: 12:40 PM � 12:50 PM
Preparation for Prayer: 2:00 PM - 2:10 PM
Dhuhr Prayer: 2:10 PM -2:30 PM
Graduation: First Sunday in June. Any changes will be announced.

Note: The Gymnasium is open after Dhuhr prayer for lunch and social activity.

Curriculum, Awards and Enrichment

The Islamic Weekend School�s main, mandatory curriculum features Qur�anic and religious studies along with Islamic history. Students may also take language classes in Advanced Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, or Farsi. These optional classes teach students to both read and speak the language of their choice.

Additionally, the school�s host of extracurricular activities and award programs help enrich student learning while recognizing the students� various accomplishments within and outside of the school. A few examples:

  • Qur�anic Recitation Competition: This is held during the month of Ramadan. Winners of the competition subsequently represent the school during a spring interschool competition.
  • Islamic Quiz Competition: This is a test of the participants� knowledge of Islam. Top scorers go on to compete in the Dayton Interschool Quiz Competition.
  • Interschool Quiz and Essay Competition: This is the students� chance to compare their Islamic knowledge and writing skills with that of students from similar weekend or part-time schools around Ohio and Indiana.
  • Annual Islamic School Weekend Event: Held annually at the West Chester facility, this popular event brings together many Islamic schools from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Weekend-long activities include boys- and girls- basketball tournaments, Qur�anic recitation competitions, and presentations on various topics. An estimated 600 people attend this event, representing 15 or more schools.
  • Annual Graduation Ceremony: With this, the school recognizes students� completion of the weekend school program or progress from one grade level to the next. Graduates of the program receive a diploma. Continuing students receive promotion certificates and/or awards for academic excellence.
  • Merit Scholarships: By giving two merit scholarships in the amount of $500 each, the school recognizes high school graduates who have shown excellence in academics, leadership and community service.

Registration Fees

IAC Status Regular Classes
All Levels
Advanced Arabic Classes
Levels 1, 2, 3, & 4
Urdu, Turkish, & Farsi Language Programs
  First Child Subsequent Children First Member of the Family Subsequent Member of the Family First Member of the Family Subsequent Member of the Family
Member $275 $225 $150 $125 $150 $125
Non-Member $375 $325 $175 $150 $150 $125

Student and Parent Guidelines

To maintain its environment of high morals and excellent academic standards, the Weekend School has established specific guidelines of study, behavior, attendance and dress for all who benefit from what this school has to offer.

All students are placed in appropriate classes based on their age and knowledge or education level. Boys and girls alike are required to dress modestly according to Islamic etiquette, and girls are expected to use a scarf for prayers and Qur�an reading. Students are responsible for completing all classwork and homework assignments, coming to school fully prepared with their books and supplies, and treating all with respect. The school has outlined specific consequences for poor student behavior toward others or toward the Islamic Center�s property. In the most adverse cases, parents of misbehaving students may be subject to fines or held liable as determined by the school administration.

The Weekend School encourages frequent parent-teacher communication, and parent involvement at home. Parents are asked to bring students to school regularly. Late arrivals require tardy slips from the school office. Absences require the parents to sign in with an explanation.

School Staff

Administrative Staff: Gulame Asif (Principal)
Tilat Rizvi (Assistant Principal)
Office Support: Harun Inanli and Sadiya Asif
Teachers Support: Jereena Hussain, Fatima Emlemdi, Tasneem Aijaz, Sufia Sultan, Wardha Safdar, Ashraf Traboulsi, Yasser Shamsi and Imran Khan.
Technical Support: Shehzad Jamil and volunteers

Education Committee

Chairman: Tariq Siddiqi
Co Chairman: Aman Ahmad
Members: Gulame Asif and Tilat Rizvi

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old does my child have to be to start Islamic Weekend School?
    To enroll in Starter Level One, a child must be at least 5 years of age by September 30th of the year of registration. The program is designed for 12 years. If started on schedule, the program can be completed by the time the student completes eleventh grade of high school.

  • What is the curriculum for the Islamic Weekend School?
    See the above Curriculum, Awards and Enrichment section for information.

  • What are the Advanced Arabic classes?
    See the above Curriculum, Awards and Enrichment section for information.

  • What do my fees go toward?
    Fees go towards paying for books, computers, software, and other educational costs.

  • What if I cannot afford to pay the fees for the Islamic Weekend School?
    The school can provide you a subsidized education package based on your income. Need is evaluated on an individual basis. Contact school administration for details.

  • How are the teachers trained?
    The school often invites education experts from all over the country to lead training workshops. Teachers are made aware of new and effective teaching methods, and given opportunities to learn from one another.

  • How are grades determined?
    Grades are based on a student�s attendance, homework scores, and test scores.

  • What is the school�s inclement weather policy?
    In case of bad weather, the weekend school may be closed. Watch �School Closing" announcements on TV. Announcements are made on WCPO TV Channel 9. Teachers and parents may also receive an e-mail notification or text message.

  • What is the new �no tolerance� policy?
    The Islamic Weekend School has a �No Tolerance Policy� related to bullying and threatening behavior. Students are prohibited from carrying guns, knives, or other potentially harmful objects.

For more information on enrolling your child in the Weekend School, visit us during school timings on a Sunday and ask for the school administration. You may also contact the main ICGC office during weekdays and leave a message for Weekend School. For your convenience, feel free to use our Contact form on this website.