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Leadership and Staff

The Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) is overseen by the Islamic Educational Council (IEC), composed of a board of trustees and an executive committee, and managed day-to-day by staffers and a host of volunteers who have taken on various leadership roles to head or assist with specific functions vital to the Center. The executive committee is appointed and/or elected from among the members of the board of trustees. The committee currently comprises of Inayat Malik, Ashraf Traboulsi, Ahmed Samad, Aman Ahmed, Zahida Kaukab, Saif Jaweed, Nisar Haq and Mohammad Aiman Sheatt. These are some key figures in our organization:


Ali Salahudeen

Ali's Picture

Ali Salahudeen, Facilities Manager, is perhaps one of the most well-recognized individuals at the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC). That is because his contributions to the Center have always been above and beyond what might be expected of a staff person.

For Salahudeen, ICGC became home long before its inauguration because of his close association with the family of the late Ahmad Samawi, a key figure in the founding of the Islamic Center. When Samawi took on the leadership of building the Center, Salahudeen came right along.

An immigrant from Sri Lanka, Salahudeen is as committed to ICGC as was the man who assigned him the responsibility of the Centerís upkeep. What Samawi found most special about Salahudeen was his powerful call to prayer (Adhan). Salahudeen was among the first to make a call for prayer at the Centerís mosque when it opened. His voiceóand his presenceócontinues to be a prime moving force in all of ICGCís events and activities to this day. To those who often call upon his services, he is simply: ìBrother Ali.î


Amira Batal

Amira Batal's Picture

Amira Batal, Office Manager, is the primary contact person for people seeking information about ICGC, rental of facilities, registration for events, family assistance requests and administrator of the Tours & Talks program and all incoming communications.

Batal has an extensive history of community service. She has been a volunteer during presidential elections, as well as invested much time and effort in volunteering at various community organizations in Kentucky and Cincinnati. She is a Volunteer Leader with Girl Scouts of Western Ohio and leads the ICGC Girls Scout troops. Batal was Editor-in-Chief of Family Matters Magazine for 8 years, in which she committed to advocating for child safety and environmental awareness. At the Islamic Center, she is taking the initiative to expand upon the Community Services offered at the Center and reaching out to new Muslims to offer support.


Board of Trustees

Shakila Ahmad

Shakila Ahmad's Picture

Shakila Ahmad is president of the board of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) and an enthusiastic community leader who has dedicated herself to numerous civic and community causes. An active member of ICGCís board of trustees since 1995, Ahmad employs the Centerís Tours and Talks program to educate law enforcement personnel, businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and community leaders about Islam and Muslims. She spearheaded the planning of A Visit to a Mosque in America, an educational DVD produced to increase understanding of Islam and the Muslim community in the United States.

Ahmad is a founding member of ICGCís Muslim Mothers Against Violence initiative. Along with other members, she brings mothers of all faiths together to explore peaceful and constructive means of conflict resolution. She and other members lead many training sessions and distribute significant educational materials on bullying prevention. She teaches people of all ages, especially youth, how to identify bullying and what to do about it under various circumstances. Her talks on bullying prevention are offered at ICGC and many other locations throughout Cincinnati and in other areas. She is a dedicated supporter of interfaith and outreach efforts, and has served as board chair of BRIDGES for a Just Community.

Additionally, Ahmad serves on the executive board of directors of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, the Ohio Humanities Council, YWCA Cincinnati, and the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.


Inayat Malik

Dr. Malik's Picture

Dr. Inayat Malik is former president of the board of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC) and a founding member of the Islamic Educational Council (IEC), currently serving as its president. He is chairperson of ICGCís executive committee.

Dr. Malik is a founding member of The Urology Group, one of the largest urology group practices in the United States. He has served as a board member of the International Academy of Cincinnati and of the Greater Cincinnati Health Improvement Collaborative. He is a co-founder of the Jewish-Muslim Dialogue, which is now the BRIDGES Muslim-Jewish-Christian Trialogue, and served on the advisory board of the Brueggeman Center for Interreligious Dialogue at Xavier University. He is a founding Pioneers Club member of the Unity Productions Foundation, which has been producing highly regarded documentaries on Islam and Muslims in this country. Dr. Malik is a lifetime member of the Islamic Medical Association of North America, supporting its charitable mission, and has served on the Board of American Red Cross in Cincinnati.

An active member of the Muslim community, Dr. Malik is devoted to improving interfaith relations in Greater Cincinnati. He has devoted a lot of time to make the Islamic Center well recognized in the region and to give a face and voice to the Muslim community. He focuses on media relations and community education to distribute accurate information on Islam and Muslims. He writes articles for the local press and makes several television appearances. Dr. Malik speaks extensively on Islam and interfaith relations at area universities, churches, synagogues, chambers of commerce, law enforcement organizations and other private and public institutions.

He is a recipient of the "Connecting the People Award" of Cincinnati Human Relations Commission, the United Wayís "Joseph A. Hall Award for Promoting Diversity", and was honored with the Distinguished Service Citation by Bridges for a Just Community.


Baher Salem Foad

Dr. Foad's Picture

Dr. Baher Salem. Foad, most respected by ICGC as a recognized scholar of Islam, has been giving lectures on Islam for more than 20 years, writing articles and making television appearances. He is a Hafiz of Qurían and graduate of the Open Islamic University, having extensively mastered various Islamic disciplines. In addition to his dedication to Islamic education at ICGC, he has taught at the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Hebrew Union College and several other institutions. He is a founding member of ICGC and Director of Adult Education at the Center. He is a trustee at Xavier University and was instrumental in endowing the Islamic Studies chair at that institution. He has also served as a board member on what is now BRIDGES for a Just Community.

Another key accomplishment, Dr. Foad was pivotal in getting funding for construction of the El-Sewedy International Academy of Cincinnatióa full-time (K to 8) school that shares the campus of the Islamic Center.

Dr. Foad has published many books on Islam to review various key concepts such as accountability, noble character, and Jihad; study the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and lessons learned from it; take a look at different prophets of Islam; and understand the meaning of the Qurían. Dr. Foad places special emphasis on interfaith cooperation and has been active in interreligious dialogue for many years.


Majid A. Qureshi

Dr. Qureshi's Picture

Dr. Majid A. Qureshi is a founding member of ICGC and its governing body IEC, currently serving on its board of trustees. He has been a leader in Cincinnatiís Muslim community since the times when there were just a handful of Muslims in the area. He helped Cincinnati Muslims build their first mosque in the city several years ago, and later played an active role in the opening of what is now Cincinnatiís Clifton Mosque.

Dr. Qureshi came to America in 1958 from Pakistan. He practiced general and hand surgery at Cincinnatiís Good Samaritan Hospital until retirement. He continues to participate in several charitable causes where his professional experience and community involvement can be of benefit to others. He takes a personal interest in the families around him, helping many in need.


Tariq Ahmed Siddiqi

Tariq Sididqi's Picture

Dr. Tariq Ahmed Siddiqi has been an active member of the IEC since the early 1990s, and has served on ICGCís executive committee for many years. He is currently President of the Board of Trustees of the El-Sewedy International Academy, a full-time school operating on the ICGC campus.

Dr. Siddiqi has also made significant contributions to ICGCís Weekend School, reviewing curriculum and suggesting programs to suit student needs. He has always taken a keen interest in youth education.

A specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Siddiqui spent more than 20 years as a faculty member of the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine before starting a consultative private practice at the Christ Hospital.


Nemat Moussavian

Nemat Moussavian's Picture

Dr. Nemat Moussavian is not only an ICGC board member with a long history of dedicated support, he leads a life rich in community volunteerism.

He is a member of the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati Conflict Resolution Committee, volunteer at Walnut Hills-Evanston Clinic, past board member and chair of the Committee on Healthcare Inequality in Greater Cincinnati for BRIDGES for a Just Community, co-founder of the Muslim Clinic of Ohio, board member of the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission, member of the Special Olympics Committee, and board member of an organization supporting farmers in developing countries. He is a recipient of the 2009 Service Award from the Center for Closing the Health Gap of Greater Cincinnati.

A distinguished gastroenterologist and clinical nutritionist, Dr. Moussavian is also a prominent figure at professional conferences throughout the country, with his byline on many scholarly papers and journal articles.


Gulame Asif

Gulame Asif's Picture

Gulame Asif has many accomplishments to his name in the Cincinnati Muslim community. His work in this community spans several years, and he is a regular participant in the activities of the Islamic Center to this day.

Among his many roles, Asif has served as president and chairman of the Islamic Association of Cincinnati (currently part of Cincinnatiís Clifton Mosque). He is currently a member of ICGCís board of trustees, principal of the Islamic Weekend School, member of the Weekend School Education Committee, and chairman of the Family Assistance Committee.

Asif was born, raised and educated in India before coming to this country to further his education. A mechanical and industrial engineer, he worked for 33 years at Ingersoll Rand Company before retiring in early 2012.

Asif takes pride in the ICGC facility and the diverse community it attracts. He aims to stay involved, especially focusing on youth education and extra-curricular programs.


Farooq A. Mirza

Farooq Mirza's Picture

Dr. Farooq A. Mirza, an IEC founding member, has been in Cincinnatiís Muslim community for many years. He has helped establish education programs, and taken special care to organize annual Eid dinners.

An accomplished surgeon, Dr. Mirza practices general, vascular, laser, laparo-endoscopic and trauma surgery. He sits on the board of many professional organizations in the area. He is chief of surgery at New Horizon Medical Center in Kentucky, and a member of the Quality Assurance Committee at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati.


Aman Ahmed

Aman Ahmed's Picture

Dr. Aman Ahmed, an active participant in several ICGC initiatives, played a key role in bringing Islamic Society of North Americaís Central Zone Conference to Cincinnati in 2011.

A specialist in geriatric and internal medicine, Dr. Ahmed has been in Greater Cincinnati for more than 15 years. He was born and raised in Hyderabad, India.


Ashraf Traboulsi

Ashraf Traboulsi's Picture

Dr. Ashraf Traboulsi has been living in Greater Cincinnati for 10 years. Born and raised in Syria, Dr. Traboulsi received his doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Kentucky. He was an assistant professor at University of Kuwait College of Pharmacy, and currently works at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati.

Dr. Traboulsi is fascinated by the Seerah or biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the lessons one can learn from it. He strives to use it as a model and source of inspiration to not only educate adults but also keep Muslim youth engaged and connected with the faith and the Prophetís ideals of social and community service. Dr.Traboulsi serves as a teacher in ICGCís Weekend School.


Saif Jaweed

Saif Jaweed's Picture

Dr. Saif Jaweed is an ophthalmologist with Tristate Centers for Sight. Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Dr. Jaweed came to Cincinnati for medical residency 13 years ago. He stayed here, making Cincinnati his new home.

Dr. Jaweed would like to see the Islamic Center become an anchor for the Ummah or all Muslims in the region, whereby it is not only a place of worship but also a spiritual base for future generations. As an executive committee member, Dr. Jaweed works to develop strong youth programs, introduce new social programs, and expand interfaith outreach. He has played a vital role in searching for and appointing an Imam, inviting guest speakers to the area, and planning a comprehensive recreational facility.


Nisar Haq

Nisar Haq's Picture

Dr. Nisar Haq, member of ICGCís board of trustees, believes in ICGC as an organization that must embody basic principles of inclusion. She sees the Islamic Center as an ideal place for Muslims of all sects, ethnicities and backgrounds to come together in a spirit of harmony, collaboration and balanced thinking.

Dr. Haq is a physician specializing in general internal medicine. She offers her services at Mercy Hospital Mt. Airy, Good Samaritan Hospital, and TriHealth.


Nazim Fazlani

Nazim Fazlani's Picture

Nazim Fazlani is a recent addition to the ICGC board, but his relations with the Center are far from new. He is a researcher by day, a volunteer by night. In a few short years, he has become one of the most actively involved and enthusiastically committed volunteers in the organization.

Fazlani serves in several areas, including enrolling of new members and helping organize social events. He is not afraid to take on different roles as needed, helping as volunteer coordinator, youth advisor and coordinator of community affairs. He has been involved in Eid dinners, summer camps, youth conference and numerous other ICGC activities.

A graduate of the MBA program at Xavier University, Fazlani specializes in market research. He envisions continuous growth in ICGC membership and hopes for an active community where members share their diverse spiritual, social and professional experiences for mutual benefit. He sees himself as an ìenablerî of this community engagement, always ready to listen to people's ideas and to help meet the needs of different ethnic and age groups.


Samina Ahmed

Samina Ahmed's Picture

Dr. Samina Ahmed is a Pediatrician at Group Health/Trihealth. She lives in Mason  with her husband, Abdul Qayyum Ahmed,an orthopedic surgeon, two wonderful daughters : Sana, who is an attorney and Sara, who is a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University. She is originally from Lahore, Pakistan. She has lived in Northeast for 20 years before moving  to Cincinnati 10 year ago

She feels very blessed to become part of ICGC community. Since joining ICGC, she has been involved in Tours and Talk Program, CMW, PALS and MMAV. She enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her family and friends.

Vision for ICGC: To bridge the gap between the community and the ICGC management in order to facilitate discussion and create programs that meet our community's growing need. To expand ICGC programs that help our youth become confident and contributing members of the community. To celebrate the strengths and accomplishments of our talented community members by getting them involved in the Islamic Center,insha Allah.


Inenhe Mohamed Khalid

Inenhe Mohamed Khalid's Picture

Inenhe is a Mechanical Engineer by profession working at GE. He was born and raised in Accra Ghana , West Africa and moved to the US about 10 years ago . He have been living in the West Chester area for the past 8 years. He is married to Dr Jemila Raji . Allah (SWA) has blessed them with 3 beautiful kids , Sheerefa, Shefeera and Nyla. He has been involved with the education programs at ICGC. He is a great lover of soccer and Martial Arts specifically Taekwondo.

Vision for ICGC: Empowering members to be part of the decision making process of ICGC while maintaining a level of diversity that will foster our growth as a dynamic community.


Amir Izhar

Amir Izhar's Picture

Dr. Amir Izhar is a nephrologist in Cincinnati, Ohio and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Good Samaritan Hospital and Mercy Health - Mt. Airy Hospital.. He lives in Mason, is married and has two children.

Amir Izhar is one of the newest board member. As a member of the executive committee, he focuses on improving governance, transparency, collaboration and increased participation with the community.


Syed Mooqeth

Syed Mooqeth's Picture

Dr. Syed Mooqeth has been in Greater Cincinnati area for more than 20 years. He is a geriatric physician by profession, is married and has 3 children.

Syed Mooqeth is also a new board member. He is very active in the community with a passion for helping the youth and increasing youth programs at ICGC